Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Its all up to me

It’s All Up To Me

“Ouch,” I snarled at Ryan as he purposely stood on my foot with metal sprigs. We were just about to fight our hardest game yet against the Rangers Vipers. Finally we got told our positions. I was in the best position ever, GOALIE!

After what seemed like 2 hours it was finally time to start the game. Suddenly the Vipers were off and already had a clear shot at goal. I suddenly dived dramatically and stop the ball from going in and booted it away.

Goal after goal after goal. Finally it was the last couple of minutes. The score was 5 all and the Vipers had the ball.
I shouted out “NO”, but it was too late. Kris had slide tackled someone and it was an automatic penalty right outside the goal box. I was sure this was their best kicker.
It was all up to me. He took a few steps back, wound his leg up and suddenly the ball went flying through the air like an eagle soaring through the wind. I tried to stop the ball and I certainly slowed the ball down but was it good enough?? The ball was on the line.
“NO GOAL,” the ref shouted extremely loudly.
It was then I thought to myself, ‘I am such a great goalie!’
By Thornton

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