Tuesday, 13 November 2012


WALT: To write a limerick with the correct rhyming and rhythm pattern.

There once was a man from China
Who wasn't a very good climber.
He was very calm
Till he broke his arm
Luckily his arm will be fina.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Onomatopoeia Poem

WALT: Write poetry using onomatopoeia
So What: We learnt about onomatopoeia and how to use it properly.
Now What: Now I would like to write a better poem by using metaphors and similes.

Athletics Assessment

So What: After the school athletics, we had to do an assessment on the athletics. This is mine.
Now What: To add some more detail and description.

Thorntons Soccer movie

WALT: Identify the forces needed to play a particular sport.
So What: I was learning about soccer and intertia, momentum and gravity.
Now What: Now I want to learn about how motion and other forces affect soccer

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Athletics Poem

WALT: Use Poetic Verse To Recount A Memory
My Athletic Poem

The athletic sports were usual enough; they had sprints, discus, shot put, long jump and even the tiring long distance which I came 3rd in.
My friends, opponents and I did what boys do-skulled water, sweated a lot, fired the discus, jumped the high jump, threw ourselves in long jump, shot the shot put and ran. 
Having A LOT  of fun.