Thursday, 17 April 2014

The area of my learning that I have make the most progress on is maths because I have learnt a lot in it and I am learning how to factorise and expand algerbratic expressions.

The area I next want to improve next term is writing because im just above the standard and I want to get better.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Eric Felt Sick As He Saw What Happened On The News, He Stood Up And Walked Into Maggie's Room, His Face Went Pale As He Realized Maggie Was Gone. He Went Outside And Looked For Maggie "MAGGIE, MAGGIE!" He Yelled As He Noticed Blood In The Car A Couple Houses Away From Him.

My Goal Was:
Ideas: I Can Elaborate My Ideas To Include Description Of Characters, Settings And Important Events
I Have Used This Sample Because: Its My Best Example And I Like This Bit In The Story

Maths Assessment

18b x 14 + 6 = 38
b = 1 because 14 + 6 = 20 and 20 + ? = 38 and it has to be 18 or 2 times 18 or 3 times 18 and so on. It has to be that because its 18b.

9b x 17 + 5 = 31
b = 1 because 17 + 5 and like I said up there ^ it has to be 9 or 2 times 9 or 3 times 9 and so on because its 9b