Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Huntsman Spider Report

There Are 1009 types of Huntsman Spiders, 94 of which are in New Zealand. The Huntsman Spider is classified as an Arachnid and its scientific name is Sparassidae.

The Huntsman Spider does not hunt its prey like normal spiders. The way Huntsman Spider hunts its prey is it like to stay on the ground and run its prey down. Furthermore it can last approximately 3 weeks without eating and will eat almost any insects.

The Huntsman Spider has a wandering habitat which means it does not have a specific habitat. Huntsman Spiders can be found in many different places eg. Houses, cars Etc.

The Huntsman Spider also has long for 2 reasons, to run away from predators and to run down prey. Moreover it has adapted these legs and uses them a lot.

The Huntsman Spider is not dangerous  to humans but may cause swelling and a bit of pain if bitten. Another point is it uses its venom on its prey. Some of its predators are: Wasps, birds, worms and egg parasites.

Huntsman Spiders are safe to humans but not to its prey, also they run fast to catch prey and they are usually found in houses

By Thornton

I Think This Report Is Extended Abstract Because I Have Used Connectives And Summerised This Peace Of Writing.

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