Friday, 18 October 2013

Recount: Bully

There I was, scootering to school, thats when I pick my first victim for the day. He had brownish blondish hair and was short, his name was Jim. Thinking of what to say, but still scootering closer and closer. Suddenly I find myself shouting out "HEY SHORTY." He looks but still scooters fast to get away from the taunting, but that was only step one. Next I bowl him onto the grass.
"HAHA" I shout loudly. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a yellow vest, then I sprint as fast as I can, getting out of sight.

'Ring Ring, Ring Ring' Thats the bell. I walked to class and sat down.
As the roll goes on, and on, Mrs Trotter comes and collects me, she talks about what happened earlier and I get sent to the thinking room at lunch.
*Lunch Time*
As I wait and wait and wait in the thinking room, with nothing to do. I think about escaping, I look left and right and then jump over the desk and out the door. I look where to go and then I see Ben, I dash over to him and tell him why a teacher cant see me. We both bolt over to the playground and hide for the rest of lunch.

After lunch we go back to class and get ready for the roll, but thats when I see Mrs Trotter on the other side of the class, she comes over to me and ask if I can go with her. I stand up and slowly walk over to her. We talk about how I ran out of thinking room and then she lets me go back to class.

When I went home, I didnt bother to bully anyone. I got home and my mum didnt look very happy. She said to me that I had been suspended for 2 days because I had bullied too many people and disobeyed the school rules.

On Mondsy I was told that I had to appologize so I did but I didnt mean it. After all that trouble, I pick my next victim...

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