Friday, 5 July 2013

Discovery With The Kakano Team

Today Room Nine Went Down To The Juniors And Helped Out With Discovery.

Discovery Is An Activity For Years 0-3 Where You Get To Choose A Room With An Activity Like 'Cardboard Creations' Or 'Sewing.'

I Showed Participation By Helping Everybody Not Just My Buddy. My Buddy Showed Heaps Of Participation By Not Giving Up And Helping A Few Friends.

My Buddy And I Did Cardboard Creations And He Made A Boat And I Helped Somebody Build A Robot. I Chose To Make This Because It Looked Cool And Sounded Cool.
Next Time I Woud Do Cardboard Creations Again Because I Would Make A New And Improved Robot.

I Chose To Go To Cardboard Creations Because My Buddy Went There And It Sounded Cool.

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