Friday, 12 July 2013


The Grasslands have very few or no trees. Grasslands are usually found between deserts and forests.

Herbivores play a very important role in the Grasslands because if they disappeared then carnivores would have to eat each other. Therefore would slowly decline, as a result of this. Producers would flourish because herbivores would not/could not eat them therefore scavengers would not eat as much because carnivores would lower in numbers so not as much things would be killed. So the carnivores role in ecosystem is to keep carnivores feed and producers from over populating.

Carnivores also play a key role in the ecosystem because if they were eliminated then herbivores would over populate because they would not be eaten. Producers would die out because there would be too much herbivores. Scavengers would lower in numbers because not much things would be getting killed. The carnivores role in the ecosystem is to keep herbivores from over populating and to keep producers from over populating because carnivores eat herbivores and herbivores eat producers.

If scavengers somehow vanished then there would be dead corpses everywhere and the herbivores, carnivores and producers could not survive with all the dead animals and plants. The scavengers role in the ecosystem is to keep the dead corpses from piling up.

If producers disappeared then herbivores would starve and die. The carnivores would die because carnivores eat herbivores and all the herbivores would be dead. So the only thing alive would be scavengers but they would die because they couldn't eat anything. So the producers role in the ecosystem is to keep everything alive.

Overall, all organisms keep the food chain equal by keeping each other feed, also to keep the ecosystem equal.

I Think This Writing Is Extended Abstract Because I Have Made Connections And I Have Generalised.

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